A Passion for Fermentation

The OBC Wine Project started as a passion project by the wine enthusiasts at Odell Brewing Co. We kept the word “project” in the name because we’re continuously learning and evolving. We are in pursuit of uniquely balanced flavors that showcase what a little beer-geek-turned-wine geek creativity can do. Unbound by geography, agriculture, or imagination, The OBC Wine Project is our fresh take on a centuries-old tradition.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we put wine in a can. We’re a big fan of cans, we’ve been using them for our world-class beer for years! Cans are air-tight, light proof, crushable, recyclable, park-ready and picnic-ready, what more could you want? Fun fact: two of our 375ml cans are equivalent to one bottle.

Unique Varietals and Regions

We’re in search of fruit that is full of flavor and expresses its terroir, whether that’s well known vitis vinifera like Pinot Gris or cold-hardy hybrid varietals like Aromella. Our grower-partners in the Grand Valley, Willamette Valley and Columbia Valley AVAs are always checking the vineyards for our ideal specifications. Each harvest, our winemaker, Travis Green, carefully plans, selects, and sources the highest quality grapes before they make the trek to our winery. Additionally, we work with winemakers to source juice and single-varietal wine that is then brought to our winery and fermented, aged further, blended, and canned, bottled or kegged in pursuit of our uniquely balanced flavors.

Visit Us for Wine and Beer

Proudly located in Fort Collins, Colorado, our taproom offers pours from our bottles, cans and draft wines. Some of our small batch wines are only available at the taproom, so be sure to check back for new releases. And, if you happen to be in the mood for an award-winning beer, just walk over to Odell Brewing and grab a pint. You can enjoy it right alongside our wines in our shared backyard.